Welcome to the Johnson Lab!

Principal Investigator

Dr. Pieter Johnson

Associate Professor in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Research Interests:

disease ecology, invasion biology, aquatic ecosystems

Lab Personnel

Dana Calhoun ("Dain")

Professional Research Associate and Lab Manager
Research Interests:

wildlife parasitology, physiological costs of infection, host parasite interactions

Katie Leslie

Research Technician
Research Interests:

parasite ecology, fish biology, marine biology, behavioral ecology

Kelly Loria

Research Technician
Research Interests:

alpine lakes, zooplankton community dynamics, invasive species, climate change

Tawni Riepe

Research Technician
Research Interests:

bacteriology, molecular biology, virology, fish pathology

Graduate Students

Research Interests:

community ecology, invasive species, parasites of invertebrates

Wynne Moss

PhD student
Research Interests:

community ecology, predator-prey-parasite interactions, conservation, toxoplasmosis

Undergraduate Researchers

Research Interests:

herpetology, biodiversity, studio arts

Research Interests:

arctic and alpine ecology, endangered species, paleontology, and climate change.

Research Interests:

marine biology, symbiotic relationships, neural development, artificial intelligence

Research Interests:

community ecology, zooplankton, climate change, ice growing season on high alpine lakes

Research Interests:

community ecology, marine biology, parasite ecology, limnology

Research Interests:

tropical community ecology, marine biology, herpetology, environmental education

Research Interests:

community ecology, climate change, antibiotic resistance, forestry, and environmental education

Research Interests:

aquatic biology, marine biology, alpine lakes, climate change, environmental education

Lab Alumni

Name Role Current Position
Dr. Chelsea Wood Postdoctoral Researcher Assistant Professor, University of Washington
Keegan McCaffrey Honors Student Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Dr. Sarah Haas Postdoctoral Researcher Research Specialist, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
Dr. Jason Hoverman Postdoctoral Researcher Assistant Professor, Purdue University
Dr. Sarah Orlofske PhD Student Assistant Professor, Northeastern Illinois University
Dr. Sara Paull Postdoctoral Researcher Postdoctoral Researcher, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
Meg Summerside Honors Student
Ian Buller Masters Student PhD Student, Emory University
Dr. Joe Mihaljevic PhD Student Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Chicago
Dr. Katie Richgels PhD Student Research Scientist, National Wildlife Health Center
Dr. John Mischler PhD Student Assistant Professor, Kings College
Dr. Dan Preston PhD Student Postdoctoral Researcher, Oregon State University
Emily Hannon Honors Student
Dr. Max Joseph PhD Student Analyst, Earth Lab Analytics Hub
Dr. Will Stutz Postdoctoral Researcher