David Saunders

This summer will be my first experience with the Johnson Lab, but I could not be more thrilled to pull on my waders, dive my hand into the muddy soil, and explore the diversity of Keystone species in California. Originally a native of the Philadelphia area (“Go Eagles!”), I have spent the last three years as an Ecology and Evolutionary Biology major at the University of Colorado Boulder. I have always been interested in Community Ecology and Marine Biology, but more recently, my coursework in Parasitology and Limnology sparked my curiosity and ignited a drive to learn hands-on from aquatic parasites, such as those found in these ponds. I am excited to share my passion for parasite ecology with my fellow team members of the Johnson Lab, and am hopeful that this summer will be filled with laughs, new friends, plenty of amphibians, and a whole lot of mud. During my free time, I enjoy reading, hiking, and hanging with my dog, Stella, a lovable 3-year-old lab mix, with one blue and one brown eye.