Angela Shah

Hi! As of now, I am currently a second-year undergraduate student studying E. Bio and Neuroscience. This was my first summer working with the Johnson Laboratory and I started off on the animal husbandry team and aided with taking care of the various organisms that were studied over this period of time. I am still fairly new to the lab and I look forward to whatever else may come my way while being a part of the team! Over the course of the next semester, I hope to become more involved with the lab and the other projects within it. Some of my personal interests include understanding and studying how various symbiotic relationships, such as parasite-host relationships, develop and how they differ across many other biological, environmental, and even social factors. I am also very interested in studying neural development across different species and how the evolutionary changes led to the differentiation and complex development of various structures and functions within the nervous system, as well as learning about the neuroimmuno responses (how and why they came about, parallels with our body's "separate" immune system, and if there are noticeable differences among species due to evolutionary adaptations). 

If I play my cards right and I have some free time, you can catch me reading anything I can get my hands on (I could read a cereal box label and still be excited), napping with my dog, hiking and trying to stay as active as I can, binge-watching documentaries on Netflix, and finding other ways to keep busy.