A Warm Welcome!

We are excited to welcome two new PhD students this Fall – Travis McDevitt-Galles and Wynne Moss. Travis, who completed his Masters thesis with us this past spring, has officially made the transition into the PhD program. Wynne did her Master’s... more

Image by D. Herasimtschuk, Freshwaters Illustrated

A World Without Parasites

Renowned science journalist Carl Zimmer talks about what a world without parasites would really be like, building from the recent publication by Drs. Chelsea Wood and Pieter Johnson (featured on the cover of Frontiers in Ecology and the... more

The “Nightlife” of a Field Biologist

Led by graduate student Travis McDevitt-Galles, our field team wrapped up a highly successful summer in the East Bay region of California. Here pictured sampling for invasive bullfrogs by headlamp. 

Image by D. Herasimtschuk, Freshwaters Illustrated

California’s Mega Drought

The worst drought in 1,000 years is strongly affecting animals dependent on water. Here Dr. Johnson holds up the dried-out carcasses of California newts killed by extra dry conditions. 

World’s Weirdest Events on BBC

Episode 6 of the BBC television show World’s Weirdest Events features an interview with Dr. Johnson and video footage of the lab’s research from Freshwaters Illustrated

Image by A. Varma, National Geographic

Mindsuckers: Meet Nature’s Nightmare

Carl Zimmer in National Geographic reports on the bizarre yet fascinating world of parasites, including those like Ribeiroia and Toxoplasma that manipulate... more

Image by D. Herasimtschuk, Freshwaters Illustrated

Many Species, One Health

In a feature news story in the prestigious journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, science writer Danielle Venton highlights research by the Johnson Lab in exploring the link between biodiversity, disease, and human... more

Image by D. Herasimtschuk, Freshwaters Illustrated

Launching of Malformation Nation

In collaboration with National Geographic, FieldScope, and the US Fish and Wildlife Service, we recently launched a new citizen science platform designed to help members of the public report their observations of deformed amphibians and explore... more

Ecology advancing the fight against infectious diseases

A new paper in the journal Science by Pieter Johnson, Jaap de Roode and Andy Fenton, is advancing a multidisciplinary framework that could provide a better mechanistic understanding of emerging... more