Does your mother matter?

Our newly published work in Experimental Parasitology lead by Dr. Will Stutz provides a reistance and tolerance framework that compares individual versus family level host traits in California newts.  

We are growing!

Please help us welcome Brendan Hobart to the Johnson Laboratory as our new graduate student!

Meet Tara Stewart Merrill our new POST DOC!

It's offical--Tara Stewart Merrill PhD from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign will be joining the Johnson Laboratory in August! 

PC Dylan Rose

Who's got bumps?

Dana Calhoun and team pub  was released on the cosmopolitan parasite, Clinostomum, that infects fishes, amphibians, reptiles and snails as intermediate hosts. 

Most read!

We were recently notified that our newly published article on July 2018 entittled, "Risky buisness: linking Toxoplasma gondii infection and entrepreneurship behaviours... more

A decade of data

In January, Dr. Johnson and his two graduate students (Wynne Moss and Travis McDevitt-Galles) traveled to California/Nevada Amphibian Populations Task Force Meeting (APTF) in Arcata, CA.

Deployment of BRUV in Cozumel

Dr. Johnson took his Coral Reef Ecology students to Cozumel, Mexico over winter break.

Science through art

Undergraduate Erica Ursich constructed this masterful image with sidewalk chalk outside for UROP's sidewalk symposium based outside CU's library.

A day in the field

The Johnson Lab joins collaborators from UCSF Medical School (Nadav Ahituv and Jingjing Zhao) in a study to understand how parasites change the... more

Cat parasite linked to entrepreneurial career choices

A new paper coauthored by Stefanie Johnson at the Leeds School of Business and Pieter Johnson links infection by a widespread parasite to... more