Science through art

Undergraduate Erica Ursich constructed this masterful image with sidewalk chalk outside for UROP's sidewalk symposium based outside CU's library.

A day in the field

The Johnson Lab joins collaborators from UCSF Medical School (Nadav Ahituv and Jingjing Zhao) in a study to understand how parasites change the... more

Cat parasite linked to entrepreneurial career choices

A new paper coauthored by Stefanie Johnson at the Leeds School of Business and Pieter Johnson links infection by a widespread parasite to... more

Congratulations Dr. Pieter Johnson for receiving the Henry Baldwin Ward Medal!

The ... more

Become a part of the Johnson Laboratory!

The Johnson Laboratory at the University of Colorado is in search of exceptional graduate students

Meet the Niwot Ridge LTER Limnology Team

Team members stand in front of Lake Albion, a subalpine lake in the Green Lakes Valley that contributes to 40% of Boulder's water supply.

Summer Kick-off!

Our summer research season has begun in the lab! We kicked off the season with a cook-out with friends and family.

Congratulations 2018 Graduates!

A special congratulations to Audrey Oweimrin, Dylan Rose, and Roxanne Van Hove for graduating this May! Each of you have been a wonderful part of the lab and will be missed. Additional commendations to Audrey and Dylan for defending their honors... more

The Rise of Disease Ecology

A new paper coauthored by Janet Koprivnikar at Ryerson University and Pieter Johnson was the subject of a recent press release by the Journal of Parasitology. The paper explores the rise of disease ecology as a discipline and how greater... more

A Volcanic Blitz

Travis McDevitt-Galles and Piet Johnson undertook a sampling blitz around Lassen Volcanic National Park and Lassen National Forest, visiting 34 remote wetlands over four days. The visit may shed new light on the role of drought in causing... more